It is a good chance to go and see turquoise bays  from Bodrum harbour, with well designed boats specific to Bodrum culture. We are visiting lots of beatifull bays like Poyraz island, Karaada(Black island), Akvaryum  Bay, Tavşanburnu and more. Also, if you want, you can choose the soap party tour or just relaxing


One of the biggest waterparks in Turkey, Bodrum aquapark will provide you unlimited fun. Kamikaze, wave pool, lazy river are only few of the amazing activities you can find in there.


We are taking you to Iztuzu beach to see famous caretta-caretta turtles. Their species are under protection because of possibility of being extinct. Also you will see amazing view of ancient rock tombs as well. We also give you chance to see and try sulphurous mud bath, which is very effective for aging and wrinkle.


During this adventure, you will see ship, aircraft wreckages and reefs in to the deep sea. The equipment you will need will be provided by us. Guest who attended as a non-diver in this excursion can use any services provided by us, except diving.


In the ancient city of Ephesus, you can see a big ancient theater, you can take photos in front of the Celsius library, you can see a lot of sculpture too.

By passing thru the ancient doors of Ephesus, you can see the location of  Virgin Mary. This place is sacred place for christians. Thats why this place have been visited by popes before.


Natural wonder, Pamukkale is the one of the oldest thermal city in the World. The antique Cleopatra pool is the symbol of Pamukkale.  It is believed that this pool is good for lots of diseases and health, thats why it is being visited by thousands of people each year.


Hamam, a turkish tradition of 1000 years from the ottomans to the present day. This activity offers you liveliness,health and shine for your skin.

Various spa massages, beauty and care services will help you to get rid of your stress and let your skin breath again.


Bodrum castle, which was built by Saint-John knights using mausoleum blocks contains Turkey’s only Underwater Archaeology Museum inside it.

The mousoleum is one of the 7 wonders of the World. It was built by Artemisia, for her brother King Mousolos. Many sculptures and historical arficats are being displayed in British museum in England today which originally belongs to symbol of the Bodrum city.


This excursion includes both Ephesus and Pamukkale trips and takes 2 days with accommodation.


It’s old name was Istankoy.It is  one of the most popular islands of Greece for tourism. The birthplace of the medicine Hippocrates, also it was visited by old people for finding cure and healing. In this  island you can visit  different kind of architecture and historical places. And beatifull blue sea awaits you! It takes only 20 minutes with fast catamaran trip. Best oppurtunity for daily visits with schengen visa.


With accompaniment of Professional drivers, this adventure will offer you

to see Bodrum’s hidden beauty. You can also  taste traditional foods at the mountain villages during the tour.


This excursion starts from the bay of Torba. If you can catch any fish, you can eat it at lunch, or even take it back with you. All equipments will be provided by us.


You can swim with the dolphins. Also you can feed, take photo together and you can even watch the show provided by them.


If you think about nightlife, you can’t skip the 1500 people capacity swimming disco, Club Catamaran will Show you the true meaning of the night club fun with famous DJ’s and amazing dance shows.


It is one of the biggest Islands in greece, which has hosted many civilizations in history. If you have a schengen visa, it is good oppurtunity to  visit this island daily with ancient history and famous beaches.


An experience with full of adrenaline and adventure on the offroad. You can take part in  this excursion alone or with somebody. Feel the pleasure of driving in the forest and muddy roads.